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Live, small group, virtual coding project classes for kids ages 8-12

Motivating curious kids

All kids have something they are passionate about, and we know that learning happens best by doing. We leverage kids’ curiosities to build motivation for learning with awesome projects so all kids can unlock their potential.

No more Netflix-zombies

Tired of arguing with your kids about screen time? Mindjoy is a screentime where kids get smarter with active hands-on/ minds-on earning. Kids work collaboratively in live small group settings with other interesting kids!

Next Cohort Starts

    Upcoming Coding Classes

    4 Classes per month
    6 kids per class
    R800-R1000 per month

    Our coding classes unlock the magic of learning a real programming language (Python) in a real collaborative IDE (development environment), Replit.

    We help kids get ahead by experiencing programming in a collaborative project-based setting that is more than just drag and drop code.




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    Mindojoy Open Sessions

    You can attend any or as many as these you like. If you miss class or are wanting some more time to practice your coding skills these are the session you can join. You can join using the Zoom link below.

    DayTimeZoom Link
    Tuesday17:15Join Here
    Wednesdays17:15Join Here
    Thursday17:15Join Here

    💻 Let's Get Setup

    • Setup your PC/Laptop or Tablet with Keyboard in a nice quiet place

    • Ensure you have headphones (this is super helpful to support focus + enable coaches to support kids so parents don't need to, trust us 😉)

    👾 Connect on Replit

    • Check your email for a confirmation email from Replit & confirm your account (we have created your child's account)

    • Keep an eye out for an email from team@mindjoy.com to see your Replit username + password

    • Login to Replit and join @TeamMindjoy_Charlie by following this

    • Kids should [watch this]() to complete the onboarding project (please DO NOT do the project for your kid, it defeats the purpose of allowing them the opportunity to get a feel for coding on Replit.).

    • If you want support to get your kid set up join us for our onboarding sessions and a coach will get your kid set up.

    📹 Get familiar with Zoom

    🏄 Join our onboarding

    DateTimeZoom Link
    Aug 2nd18:00Join Here
    Aug 3rd18:00Join Here
    Aug 4th18:00Join Here

    💥Boom! You’re now all set up!

    Mindjoy Values

    💥 Hard fun

    Struggle is not a bad thing. In fact if things are too easy we don’t actually learn. Hard fun is just the right aount of challenge that you can manage and still enjoy it. We believe kids should develop their confidence in their own capacity to solve problems.

    🧠 Growth Mindset

    At Mindjoy everyone is constantly learning- we think that having growth mindset is a super power. What this means is we believe in making in mistakes and we aren’t afraid to fail. We support each other when we’re stuck and we encourage our peers to persevere through challenge. We ask for support and we learn from each other. We don't let past failures or successes stop us from taking future bold action and achieving our goals.

    ❤️ Sawubona

    Sawubona is the Zulu word for hello. It is a greeting with powerful intention behind the word because Sawubona literally means “I see you and by seeing you I bring you into being.” Everyone at Mindjoy strives cultivate respect for the self, respect for others and respect for the projects we work on. What this means is showing up as a team player and treating others the way you wish to treated.

    🎙 Student voice

    We encourage students to think for themselves and create opportunity for discussion and for kids to share their thoughts and opinions. We all see things a different way and therefore encourage inquiry, discussion and discourse to develop student voice and wonder

    Community Agreements

    Community Agreements are important in keeping Mindjoy a great place for ALL kids to learn so...

    • Do join on time (not early or late).

    • Do use classroom-appropriate dress, behavior and language.

    • Do work from a quiet spot in the house (we like to have mute off).

    • Do ask for support, share your ideas and help others.

    • Do immediately report any suspicious behavior to safety@mindjoy.com

    • Do not exchange personal contact information with coaches or other students.

    • Do not share your personalised zoom meeting link.